24.04.18. ninety one. brick lane. 9pm. 

09.06.18. Acklam village market. london. 4pm.  




We are Coltana


Coltana is a rock band from Brixton.

Coltana knows how to put on a party.

Coltana is high energy.

Coltana have played at Glastonbury Festival.

Coltana's debut ep blighty is out june 2018.

Coltana likes grunge, brit-pop, punk and heavy metal.

Coltana is like Rage Against the Machine, Skunk Anansie, Jamie T and The Distillers. 

here is what people say...

Music Week:

Genre-defying and undoubtedly the kind of thing John Peel would have loved

Clash Magazine:

"Live, the band are a blur of fresh ideas and quicksilver riffs, songs that explode then dissipate in the blink of an eye"

Hugo White, The Maccabees:

'A uniquely individual and odd group, creating original music that defies any genre & creates its own.'


Vocals / Cat
Guitar / Baj
Bass / Lucien
Drums / Danny