03.06.18. the windmill. brixton.

08.06.18. the finsbury. london. 

09.06.18. Acklam village. portbello market. 4pm. 

15.06.18. audio. glasgow. 

16.06.18. the bobbin. lancaster.

17.06.18. the sunflower lounge. birmingham.  

21.09.18. notting hill arts club. london.



We are Coltana


Coltana is a rock band from Brixton.

Coltana knows how to put on a party.

Coltana is high energy.

Coltana have played at Glastonbury Festival.

Coltana's debut ep blighty is out june 2018.

Coltana likes grunge, brit-pop, punk and heavy metal.

Coltana is like Rage Against the Machine, Skunk Anansie, Jamie T and The Distillers. 

here is what people say...

Music Week:

Genre-defying and undoubtedly the kind of thing John Peel would have loved

Clash Magazine:

"Live, the band are a blur of fresh ideas and quicksilver riffs, songs that explode then dissipate in the blink of an eye"

Hugo White, The Maccabees:

'A uniquely individual and odd group, creating original music that defies any genre & creates its own.'


Vocals / Cat
Guitar / Baj
Bass / Lucien
Drums / Danny 

 Coltana's debut EP Blighty is out june 15th.

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